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Q: What is Vector Control (VC) Cold Fogging & Thermal Fogging?

• VC Fogging is a technology of applying pesticides using a small volume of pesticide to cover a large area of space.

• VC Fogging requires the use of a ULV Cold Fogging Machine or Thermal Fogging Machine

• Both VC Fogging machines are capable of producing pesticide particles of 1μm to 250μm. (μm means micrometer or one millionth of a meter or 1/1,000,000 meter)

• This is important for 5 reasons:

  1. It allows the pesticide particles to be fragmented into a small size

  2. This small sizes allows for it to reach a wider area with only a small amount of pesticide

  3. It allows the particles to reach spaces which conventional spraying particle sizes are unable to reach

  4. It reduces the time and cost of eradicating pest while increasing the efficacy of the vector control operation.

  5. Every pest situation requires the use of different sized particles for optimum efficacy


Q: What is OK! Fog-it?

• It is an ecologically friendly, pet safe, food safe and people safe formulation that is manufactured using essential oils and excipients which are non toxic.
• There is a water based and oil based solution for ULV Cold Foggers as well as an oil based solution for Thermal Foggers.
• It was developed as an effective and safe vector control solution for eradicating and repelling mosquitoes, flies, ants, cockroaches, bed bugs, ticks and other crawling or flying insects as well as the elimination of germs, parasites and fungus.
• It is an Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine and is certified Ayurvedic by the Directorate of AYUSH, Bangalore, India.
• This means that it contains no animal products.
• It is certified Cruelty Free by PETA, India.
• It is a formulated from essential oils blended according to the principles of Ayurvedic science.
• The ingredients used in the formulation are quality controlled by the Indian Institute of Integrative Medicine under the Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR-IIIM, J&K, India).
• It is listed by the Pesticide Board of Malaysia as containing no scheduled poisons.


Q: What fogging services are currently available?

• For ULV Cold Fogging

  1. OK! Fog-It Cold Debug MOS Indoor (Mosquito Control)

  2. OK! Fog-It Cold Debug MOS Outdoor (Mosquito Control)

  3. OK! Fog-It Cold Sanitize Indoor/Outdoor (Germs, Parasites and Fungus Control)

  4. OK! Fog It Cold Debug CREEPS (Ant, Cockroach, Fly, Bed Bug, Tick, Mites)

• For Thermal Fogging

  1. OK! Fog-It Hot Debug MOS Outdoor (Mosquito Control)


Q: How long will a single application last?

• ULV Cold Fogging & Thermal Fogging pesticide particles can remain suspended in the air for between 2 – 6 hours.
• At the end of that duration, the particles will either fall to the ground, stick to surfaces or be eliminated by air flow.
• Particles which fall to the ground or stick to surfaces will eventually evaporate into the air.
• The smaller the size of the particle, the higher the rate of evaporation.
• The formulation is blended to produce a slower evaporation rate.
• However, the rate of evaporation is still subject to ambient humidity, air flow and air as well as surface temperatures. The higher those factors are the faster the evaporation.
• A single application can last in efficacy between 1 day to 1 week (anecdotal).


Q: Are your fogging services safe for human, food and pet?

• Yes! Because the solution is formulated using essential oils, (no classified or controlled man made chemical is used as an inert or active ingredients in our products) the only negative effects are:-

  1. Sensitivity to essential oils (for example some people sneeze or when they smell ginger, lemon or pepper, though it is rare for anyone to experience a serious side effect or death from essential oils unless they consume a huge quantity of it, spray it into their eyes and nostrils or soak themselves in it).

  2. Preference of fragrance (there are no artificial fragrances in our products and everyone has fragrance they like and dislike).

  3. As a precautionary safety measure, all human and pet are removed from the location of the fogging and operators wear safety gear when conducting a fogging operation.


Q: How is OK! Fog-It different from other industry standard pesticides?

• All industry standard pesticides are regulated by the Pesticide Board of Malaysia (PBM).
• PBM classifies pesticides as non-toxic or toxic (toxicology covers humans, crops, livestock, pets, flora and fauna).
• There are 4 classifications ranging from Class I (Highly Toxic –Poison Gasses, Liquids and Solids – Fumigants used by the CDC are Class I) to Class IV (household use pesticides like mosquito coils).
• Class I products requires a highly restricted license to manufacture, import, pack, advertise, label and use.
• Class IV products are are available for public use with a less restricted license to manufacture, import, pack, advertise, label and use.
• OK! Fog-It Products are listed as *not* containing any controlled poisons of any class according to schedule A of the List of Controlled Poisons. 
• Therefore, OK! Fog-It Solutions are NON-TOXIC!

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