Method 1 - OK! Fog-It Sanitizer as a Spring Cleaning

C  vid-19 Prevention Services

Better Products in a Better Way

Eco-friendly solutions (Human-safe, food-safe, pet-safe)

DDT-free, Toxin-free, Petrochemicals-free, Certified Ayurvedic

Pest Control Operator (PCO) License : PCO / 14 / 2223 / 020 / 017

Method 2 - OK! Sanitizer Solutions for All Purpose 

Full-body spray-down | Hand Sanitiser | Surface wipe-down

Your purchase of a set of Jerry Can 25L sanitising solutions for All Purpose, will in return, enable our CSR effort to reach out to wider community (affected / vulnerable / marginalised / low income) to fight & prevent covid-19 for the months to come.

Being part of OK! Community, you are supporting us to help the underprivileged community.  

Method 3 - OK! Pop - up tent sanitiser 


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