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DDT-free, Toxin-free, Petrochemicals-free, Certified Ayurvedic

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Organics Kinetics - the idea - was created by Kennedy Michael (Founder and CEO) in 2009. It took him 7 years of research, reference, trial, error and effort to finally incorporate the company on the 7th of January 2015. It took him and the team a further 20 months and 2 days to launch the brand and the store on the 9th of August 2016.


The name Organics Kinetics, when shortened, becomes OK! The exclamation mark is an emphasis of our Vision and Mission. We have seen the planet we live in now change in very negative ways that is harmful to our ecology, environment and health. This is primarily driven by the greed and irresponsibility of the market economy and governments coupled with the ignorance, irresponsibility and lack of options of the general population. These factors are all systemic short term and myopic actions that will have an adverse and far reaching negative effect on this planet and all its inhabitants. OK! the brand and the company offers an organic response to these challenges which we hope will create a movement of choice, behaviour, philosophy and action that is a viable alternative to the present system. Which is definitely NOT OK. We work to make everything OK! again…



The founder’s vision is to see Malaysia and the rest of the world switching from using products, methods, services and practicing behaviour that is ecologically toxic and environmentally irresponsible to ones that are ecologically friendly and environmentally responsible. He feels that this can be achieved only when these products, methods, services and behaviours can be offered at affordable prices that make the existing behaviour redundant coupled with creating awareness and educating individuals and the general population.


1. We commit to offering the highest quality of products, services and information to the general population at the most affordable price possible. We aim to achieve this by constantly innovating our operations, supply chain, distribution chain, product development, procurement, advertising, marketing, promotions and customer involvement.


2. We commit to practicing integrity and responsibility in all aspects of our business and interaction with our customers.

3. We commit to work with and benefit non-governmental, social, charitable, educational, environmental and scientific organization and initiatives to create revenue, information and awareness streams as well as support them financially, morally and organizationally according to our means. This is a key mission.

About Us
1. Organics Kinetics Sdn Bhd is a company providing pest control and sanitising products and services using proprietary eco-friendly solutions which are food safe, child safe, human safe, pet safe, seniors safe, grey water safe, environmentally friendly, effective and affordable. We are licensed Pest Control Operators (PCO/14/2223/020/017) and have 3 (Three) licensed Pesticide Applicators (PAL) by the Pesticide Board of Malaysia under The Pesticide Act 1974 to effect general and public health pest control.

2. Our solutions are approved safe and contains no scheduled or controlled poisons as stipulated by Schedule 1 of Perintah Racun Makhluk Perosak (Pindaan 1) 2017 of the Pesticide Act Malaysia 1974.

Our eco-friendly solutions is DDT-free, Toxin-free, Petrochemicals free, Artificial Fragrances-free. It is formulated using Ayurvedic Science and is produced as a Cruelty Free Product. 


3. We spearheaded CSR Environmental Care Programme  - River Three Programme (River Park, River Community, River Economy) and won the inaugural ROPLOL5 NGO category 2019 for FoSK Mid Valley River Three. It is Malaysia first ever unique 52 weeks unbroken of Gotong Rotong EduACTion (GREduACTion) and it is still going on on every Saturday 8am to 10am at FoSK Taman Melawati River Three and Sunday 8am to 10am at FoSK Mid Valley River Three. 

Some of our work that we made the places OK!...to name a few...

Office | Residential | Food Outlet | Police Station | Seniors homecare | Pet Resort | Pet Shop | Preschool | Childcare | Kindergarten |

OK! CSR effort

Your support to us, in return,  enable us to expand our OK! CSR effort for the affected / marginalised / low income community:

1. We sanitize their houses at Kg Indian Settlement, Batu Caves, which was affected by flash flood on Sunday, 5 April 2020. 




2. OK! CSR - 4PAWS












Thank you Ms. Choon for organizing the meet and Barbara for making time to tell me the story of 4PAWS and to listen to our  story. We had sponsored OK! Debug Pets Tick 50ml - Tick Repellent and Odour Remover for cats and dogs (16 bottles). It's not a huge number but it'll go a long way to the lucky 16 and their furry friends who get to try the only Malaysian brand of ecologically friendly, pet - safe tick repellent. We're looking forward to bigger sponsorships and an OK! working relationship with pets and their owners in Penang.


 We were excited to be the first eco-friendly pop up mobile station for a mass event (for a good cause) for people to get their hand sanitizer along the way as   toilet /   washing facilities is  not  easily accessible during the event.   

Seniors Home
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